Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Just An Old Photo Reworked

Looking round for something to show, found this old image, I'd liked it but never very popular, but in looking at it a couple of things bothered me so....

1) it looked a bit wishy washy so a few masked layers later I darkened parts of it considerably, increased contrast in a few spots.

2) that rock on the far left bothered me - sort of just stuck there - not enough of it for significance, just a distraction really. I cropped it.

3) that meant things were a bit unbalanced on the right, and did I really need all that dark gravel, it was the light reflecting off the water that was important - right trim the right too.

4) having actually uploaded the image to blogger, I noticed that there was a white wave in the bottom middle that looked a little out of place, and besides, wouldn't it be better to crop a bit closer to that rock near the bottom middle - kill to birds...

And that's how I ended up with this.

I can see further work being done - perhaps darkening the middle gray water on the left to balance the dark on the far right. I dare say other changes will occur to me with time - it's a never ending process of fine tuning.

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